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What are PPC Affiliate Programs and How to Earn Money with Them

Pay Per Click or PPC affiliate programs allow website owners to earn revenue from their websites through the placing of targeted ads. PPC affiliate programs are essentially a way for you to sell advertising space on your website to a (potentially) large number of advertisers, without the need to sell to each one individually. When you sign up with a PPC affiliate program you will be given code, widget, or other means to insert advertising into your site. But unlike other affiliate programs PPC affiliate programs pay you every time a unique visitor clicks through your site to the advertisers site—you don’t need to sell anything to get paid.

The PPC advertiser will use keywords and other means to place targeted ads on your website that are likely to appeal to the person currently visiting your site. Some programs can collect browser statistics and other information about the visitors browsing and searching habits to further target ads that will appeal to them. The closer the ads appeal to the current visitor, the more likely it will be that they click through and you get paid.

Like mentioned above all PPC affiliate programs pay you when someone clicks through your site to the advertisers site. Some will also pay you additional revenue if the click through results in a conversion (or sale). PPC affiliate programs will typically pay a percentage of the bid price (for bid based programs) or a flat fee per click (for fixed fee programs). Typically PPC affiliate programs will pay larger percentages (or flat fees) for higher traffic sites. So while a low traffic site may only receive 30% of the bid price, a high traffic site may earn as much as 60% of the bid price.