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How to Market Your Website To The Top Social Networks - Part 2

Nevertheless, if your fan page, and Twitter feed will be used strictly for business, then it would be ideal to connect these two social network sites together. That said, using social network sites like the more popular ones, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare, among the thousands of others that are currently out there, in which to promote your website to it can help you to reach billions of potential customers for your products and services. However, remember that they don't typically like to have ads pushed in their face, so be subtle about your approach, and how you go about mentioning your products to them.

Keeping that thought in mind, when a business uses the most popular social networking sites, to post engaging topics to it, often times the friend requests will come back quickly. Therefore, if you're wanting to use these platforms to promote affiliate products with, then do so as a sort of recommendation, and not a hard sales push approach. Moreover, before you begin selling any type of product or service, we would strongly recommend that you try, and build up your friends list, on the various social networks first, before you begin promoting anything to them.

Now, since you will already have a website created, it will be beneficial to mention it from time to time, for the followers to visit. In addition, you could say you have more valuable details over there, and put the link in the post. However, when building up your following, use the filters that are there to help you drill down deep into your targeted market with ease.

When a business or person is trying to learn how to market their website to the top social networks, at first setting up all the accounts, can be a little bit overwhelming. However, while social networking can be powerful when done right, it was not initially set up for marketing products. Nevertheless, if you use our suggestions here, and be subtle with your sales approach, and don't come across as sales pushy, then these platforms can bring in a tremendous amount of revenue back to your main website for certain.