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Top 10 Things that Make Your Website Unpopular

Poor Web Design
If your website looks homemade, is excessively tacky, uses old and outdated design principles it will quickly become unpopular. The web is full of nice looking websites, no one has time to waste on a poorly designed site.

Difficult to Navigate
Even if you have a great site with great content, people will never know about your great content if they can’t find it. Planning the navigation for your site can greatly improve it’s popularity by allowing people to find what they want quickly and easily.

The Intent is not Immediately Clear
Visitors to your site need to know within three to five seconds what your site is about or they will likely move on to the next site. Your website needs to answer the questions what is this site and why do I care almost the instant they land on your homepage.

Seldom, or Never, Updated
If the content on your home page and your blog has not changed in the last several months you cannot expect your site to be popular. To keep your site popular you must keep it updated, at least weekly.

No, or little, Useful Content
Is your site doing anything more than trying to sell things, or just a bunch of affiliate links? If so don’t expect people to come back.

Poor SEO
Without good SEO that puts your site on the first page of Google, potential visitors will not be able to find you.

Overcrowded Niche
Is your “niche” fantasy football? If so you’re probably in an overcrowded niche that makes it nearly impossible to get your website popular.

No Niche
Worse than having an overcrowded niche is having no niche at all. If your website is trying to be all things to all people, it will be popular with nobody.

No About Page
The second most visited page on any website is the about page, if you neglect your about page don’t expect a popular site. People don’t buy from people they don’t know.

No Contact Information
After the homepage and about page contact information is the next most looked for content on a website. Even if no one ever contacts you by providing the information it give your site credibility, and credibility leads to popularity.