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How to Make a Successful Website - 10 Tips

Niche is Key
Having a good niche, that’s not overcrowded, will help your site stand out from the crowd.

Use a Professional for Your Site Design
Unless you’re a professional designer you need to hire a professional to do your site design (and no a programmer is not a designer!)

Decide How Will You Monetize Your Site
Will you monetize your site using affiliate programs, selling your own products, or a combination? If you don’t know how your site’s supposed to make money then neither will your visitors.

Understand a Little About Advertising and Marketing
The more a site adheres to the rules of advertising and marketing the more successful it can become. Time learning these principles is time well spent and applying them to your site will increase traffic and conversions.

Are You Worth Trusting?
If people can’t trust you it doesn’t matter how well designed your site is. You get consistent conversions from your visitors you must convey a air of trust.

Give Away Some Samples
If you monetize (even partially) your site by selling your own products, consider giving away small samples to show visitors exactly why they need to buy your product.

Avoid Outdated Web Design Practices
Flash plugins, dancing baby GIFs, flashing anything , and a host of other practices are outdated and will make your site look ridiculous, avoid them at all cost.

Understand a Bit About SEO
Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) helps search engines index your site and thus helps potential visitors find your site. While it’s sometimes beneficial to hire an SEO expert by learning some on your own you can oftentimes increase your search engine ranking.

A Fast Site is More Successful
No one likes to visit a slow website, keep your site fast and it will be more successful.

Promote Your Site
Promote your site on social media, by guest blogging, and sometimes even through paid advertising.