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Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Shopify Affiliate Program
Shopify is one of the favorite affiliate programs because you can earn up to $358 for every sale you generate. Shopify has two payment options that you can choose from. One option gives you a flat 200% commission for every Shopify subscriber you generate. The second option gives you a 20% commission every month on every customer you generate. This allows you to choose either a lump sum payment or set up source of passive income.

JustCloud Affiliate Program
JustCloud offers three levels of commission and even pays for free trial signups. For every free trial signup you generate they will pay you $5, but the real money comes from generating paid signups. For each paid signup they will pay you $125 with even higher commissions if you generate more than 20 sales per month.

HostGator Affiliate Program
Not only is the HostGator Affiliate Program easy to sign up for, you can do it in under ten minutes, they offer some great commisions based on the number of signups you generate. They offer four levels of commission based on the total number of signups you generated in a month, from a low of $50 per signup if you generate 1 to 5 in a month to $125 per signup when you generate 21 or more signups in a month.

iPages Affiliate Program
Another web hosting affiliate program that can generate big commissions for savvy affiliates. The iPages Affiliate Program pays four levels of commissions based on the type of hosting sale you generate. Current commissions for a shared or VPS hosting program sale is $105 per sale. WP Essential Hosting sales that you generate will earn you $120 per sale. For dedicated hosting program sales you generate you can earn $150 per sale. Like other programs it’s easy and free to sign up.