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10 Tips For Choosing a Domain Name

Incorporate Your Brand into Your Domain Name

If you have a brand (and you really should) incorporating it into your domain name is a great idea.

Keyword Brainstorming

Choosing five or ten keywords that relate to your business then brainstorming combinations is often an effective way to come up with some potential domain names.

If the Domain is not Available as .com, Avoid it

Often times you find the domain you really want with a .com extension has already been purchased but the .net or .biz version is available. This is never a good idea because most people will instinctively type .com and thus not find your site.

Unique is Better

The more unique your domain name the easier you make it for people to find you. Google.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com are all very unique names and their uniqueness makes them easy to remember.

Easy to Remember and Easy to Type

my-really_good_busines_about-something1954.com might be a very descriptive domain name but it’s also very difficult to type, and even harder to remember. These factor will combine to prevent most visitors from ever finding your site.

The Shorter the Better

What do all the best domain names have in common? They are short. Potential customers are much more likely to choose a site with a short name (because it’s easy to remember and type) rather than a long name (harder to remember and harder to type).

Don’t Use Number or Other Special Characters

In the past it was popular to slightly modify a domain name that was purchased (often times parked without a real site behind it) by adding a number or a hyphen. This is always a bad idea because most potential visitors will tend to forget about those characters and end up on the wrong site.

Domain Name Should Reflect Your Business

The closer your domain name relates to your business, the less branding it will require. ThePhotoPro.com, for example, tells people exactly what your business does.

Trends are Bad

Trends by their very nature are passing, if you’re building a website for the long haul you’ll look really bad in five years with a domain name that went out of style four years earlier.

Don’t Use Copyright Protected Material in Your Domain Name

It may be an accident, but if you use someone’s copyright protected material in your domain name it’s only going to cause you problems. Always check for copyright infringement upfront, rather than waiting for that cease and desist letter.