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Top 10 Affiliate Networks And How To Get Approved

For those wanting to earn a substantial amount of income, taking a look at enrolling into affiliate networks, could be extremely helpful in this aspect. However, if the person does not apply properly, and follow certain steps along the way to these companies, they run the risk of easily getting denied. For that reason, we are going to put together 10 tips, that can help the person to avoid this obstacle, and get started on earning from home in the process. That said, if you're wanting to get started, we encourage you to continue reading on, to learn how you too can do this with a bit of effort on your part.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #1: The Amazon Associates program, is becoming the most talked about way to earn a living with, that it ranked number one with our recommendations too. In order to be approved, the person will have to supply either their tax ID number, or their social security number. In addition, they often will ask where you plan on placing their ads, but for the most part, a website it is not going to necessarily be needed, as there are plenty of free blogs to help the new affiliate to get going with this company.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #2: ShareASale, has well over 2,600 merchants to select from, and thus helps to cover a wide variety of niches. However, in order to be approved for these merchants, a person does have to apply for each one, on their account, and will be notified if approved or not. Typically, in order to improve your chances of getting accepted, we would recommend that you have your website put together, along with all its legal pages, in advance of applying to the program.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #3: LinkShare is the third best leading affiliate program to get into, and like ShareASale, the person can apply to each type of program, but this can only be done once. For that reason, if you have not built up your traffic stats, or fully finished your website, with unique content, we would recommend you do that process before applying with them. The person will have to fill out a W-9 form, for tax purposes, so it will be crucial that they keep a spreadsheet of their profits and losses to help with their income here.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #4: The next most popular site is Commission Junction. Now, with this site, the person has the potential to earn with pay per clicks on the ads, called impressions, and also for leads they generate back to the merchant. That said, while it's easy to sign up with them, if six months go by after joining, and no commissions were earned, the account will go into a dormant mode, and thus the person will need to re-apply to become active again.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #5: ClickBank, is another high-ranking affiliate program that we would strongly recommend, in which a person can promote many products in numerous niches. Joining up is free, but in order to get paid the person will have to be sure that they take the time, and fully read the terms and conditions to ensure they follow all the rules in place. That said, while some might say that this program is not worth it, they have a A- rating with the better business bureau, and thus meets our recommendation level of approval for certain.

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