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Top 10 Affiliate Networks And How To Get Approved - Part 2

Affiliate Network Recommendation #6: Ebay, has a very lucrative affiliate program. Just like with the Amazon Affiliate program, when the person joins they will need to provide them with their tax details, but getting approved is pretty easy. In addition, they have a powerful tracking area, so that the person can enter in their website details, and hence this is a requirement in order to earn with their program.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #7: Now while many might think of this name as just a search engine, the Google affiliate network has several ways in which a person can earn with them. However, be forewarned that they are also very strict with their terms, and conditions, and thus to ensure you never lose your account with them, be certain to never click your own ads, nor encourage anyone else to do so either. That said, in order to get approved with them, the person must have a website set up, and ensure that all their legal pages, especially the privacy policy is in place, before applying.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #8: For those that are interested in CPA offers, the Max Bounty website, seems to be the most popular with affiliates. In addition, unlike some of the other programs thus mentioned, with this one, the person can earn each time a visitor on their affiliate link performs an action like signing up for free products from the merchant, or doing some other specific action required. That being said, in order to be approved into this network, the person will have to have a working phone, so the affiliate manager can contact you on how you're going to promote the merchants. It is ideal to have your website set up in advance of applying with this program.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #9: Clixgalore, has an affiliate program that is set up like, the ShareASale, and other programs mentioned thus far, in that the person should have a website to promote them with. However, it is not mandatory in order to get approved, so if a person is going to be doing email marketing to their buyer's list, for example; they simply must disclose this fact when applying to the program.

Affiliate Network Recommendation #10: The next, and final one on our list of the 10 best recommendations to join, is going to be Peerfly network. Now, even though they have only been around for the past few years, many affiliates have reported earning great with this rising company. Nevertheless, in order to be approved for this program, the person will have to do a phone verification process, and submit in their tax forms in order to be quickly approved.

When a person is trying to get into affiliate marketing, deciding who to join can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. However, we hope that our list here of the top 10 affiliate programs, has helped our readers get excited on earning in this type of business model. Nonetheless, just applying with these companies will not make a person rich, without some introductory setup on their part. However, once the initial ground work has been completed the income ranges that can be earned are unlimited, so therefore the person could, in essence, start to create their own dream paycheck, simply by working each of these programs properly.